Newly elected in the state of Washington? Get your required transparency training with this one simple post.

Pensive representative of governments advising each othersFirst, we’d like to congratulate you on your election to office in Washington. Our Office does business with governments large and small, local and state all over Washington. We are happy you are here with us, helping to serve the public and make Washington a great place for all its residents.

But did you know that you are required to take training on government transparency within 90 days of taking office? Government transparency is kind of a big deal to us. We want to make this easy on you. (And you could even remind your more experienced colleagues that the training is required once every four years.)

Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC), partnered with the Association of Washington Cities (AWC), has some good training resources here for city elected officials:

Or, for even wider applicability for all types of governments, go to the Attorney General’s Office trainings here:

Thank you for your commitment to keeping government open and accountable to the people it serves.